Fiber Development Manager

The Fiber Development Manager will be responsible to plan, design and construct strategic fiber projects for SBI Arizona, LLC. In that capacity, the individual work closely with the Sales Team to develop fiber solutions in an effort to support customer sales opportunities. The individual will work closely with the Network Communications Manager, RF Engineering Manager and the Director of Operations to support any fiber related inquiry, question and provide guidance on case specific fiber solutions to generate or maintain revenue.


  • Develops high level design of future fiber routes and establishes cost estimates to support Erate, NM Public Regulatory Commission, CARES, RFP’s, Grant Opportunities, NTIA, FirstNet and VBS initiatives.
  • Provide case by case responses on individual or multi-site opportunities to support SBI’s internal Sales Team with fiber based pricing. Giving the customer the option of a fiber or radio / microwave based solution.
  • Work with established or add new vendors that provide Engineering and Construction Services, to establish best cost solutions for out-sourced Engineering and Construction Services
  • Manages third party resources specializing in Engineering, Right of Way-Permitting and Construction as it relates to designing and building a vibrant fiber network
  • Handles all phases of the Engineering and Construction Bid process. Invitation to Bid, Bid Meeting, Q & A, Bid Analysis and provides the COO with a summary of the Bid results
  • Provides project-related management for Engineering and Fiber Construction Projects, of all ranges of complexity, across SBI’s footprint
  • Manage all phases of the construction project lifecycle and is accountable for all aspects of each project’s success
  • Serves as single-point of contact for SBI internal inquiries, any third party vendor, or other utility to respond to all fiber related questions or SBI fiber activity
  • Mentors others and/or individual contributor with emphasis on designing, building and maintaining a best in class fiber network



  • Experience in telecommunications construction principles. Aerial, buried or underground fiber cable placement methods.
  • Experience in managing and establishing partnerships with third party vendors
  • Experience with MNDA’s, Professional Services and Master Service Agreements
  • Desire to be part of a Team effort
  • Works, collaboratively, with internal and external customers
  • Can manage workload to meet commitments and allocates time appropriately
  • Effectively manage multiple ongoing or planned projects, in various stages of development
  • Understands RUS based Construction Unit and Specifications
  • Can read and interpret fiber construction plans
  • Manages overall project performance
  • Manages in an environment of trust and candor, promotes accountability, and assertively offers encouragement and constructive feedback


  • Ability to determine the best cable route with consideration to field conditions. Keeping in mind, that best route may not be the shortest or cheapest route. Looking at strategic routes to help grow revenue
  • Ability to work, effectively and collaboratively, with internal employees, third party vendors, local utilities or local government agencies
  • Logical, practical thinking
  • Good communicator, can explain the rationale behind decisions to varied audiences
  • Self-motivated
  • Experience or exposure to construction and installation methods for fiber optic cable to include trenching, backhoe, directional boring or cable plow equipment.
  • Familiar with fiber optic strand count assignments, color codes and testing methods for acceptance of facilities.
  • Familiar with current passive optical network (PON) and active ethernet technologies.


  • BS degree in Project Management, Construction Management, or Engineering
  • 5 to 10 years of Telecommunications experience with an emphasis on fiber deployment

The above declarations are not intended to be an “All-Inclusive” list of duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job.  Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job, and be a reasonable representation of its activities.