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Naked Mobile 14-Day Trial Period Cancellation and Return Policy

Please see full terms and conditions at Naked Mobile is a no contract 30 day advanced pay product. You may cancel your Naked Mobile service within 14 calendar days of purchase (the “Return Period”) if our cellular service has not met your expectations. If you cancel service within the Return Period, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel service and return a device, you purchased from Naked Mobile at time of activation you will be charged a
reasonable restocking fee of $35 as posted on our website. However, if you cancel service after the 14 day Return Period you will not be credited for any portion of your advance paid service fee. You will still be responsible for any other charges applied to your account. If you purchased a device from Naked Mobile and cancel service within the Return Period the proof of purchase or receipt must be returned to any Naked Mobile location within 14 days of purchase to be eligible for a refund. The purchase price of your device may have been discounted to facilitate your subscription to the service so only the price paid may be refunded. If you cancel service within the Return Period but do not return the device in like new condition, you will be charged for the amount of the discount you received which will be deducted from any refund that you may be owed. If applicable, the device charge will be refunded only if device is returned in like new condition more fully described below. Customers who are eligible for a refund will receive either an account or store credit or a gift card. See for more details. Before returning any device that has data stored in its memory, please transfer all files you wish to retain to another file source. Once the device is returned, your files cannot be recovered. Naked Mobile and its parent company Smith Bagley, Inc. is not responsible for any personal data you leave on your device. The requirements for a refund for a device are:

  • Original proof of purchase with receipts or invoice.
  • Device and original box must be returned (device, battery, charger, manual and software, etc.) including all accessories that were in the manufacturer’s original packaging. Device IMEI and BOX IMEI must match.
  • Device must be in like-new condition with no scratches, dents, cracks, chips and no lock
    code. Devices subject to neglect, misuse, water damage, unreasonable wear and tear,
    and the like, are not eligible for any return.

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