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We strive to provide the best customer experience possible through our service; not only through our mobile service plans, but as we continually grow our product line, expand our network for the safety and convenience of our customers, and as we speak to them over the phone, in our store locations, and online.


Our internal teams have always worked together as a small and growing family: we are One Team. Community at SBi stretches wider than the walls of the corporate and sales offices. Our founder, Smith Bagley, was a lifetime philanthropist; he said, “We do well when we do good.”  Today we continue in his spirit as we give back and invest into the people and greater communities in which we serve.


We aim for bigger, better, and newer through the building of new towers, launching better products & services, and bringing in new technologies to enhance the lives of our customers in an ever-changing industry. Our team is constantly forecasting ideas while implementing better solutions to meet the daily needs of the communities in which we serve. With a small team of experts, we transform the drawing board into reality.

Our plans just got better!

 To activate please call our Customer Care team at 1-800-730-2351 or visit your local Cellular One store.