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Robocall Mitigation Policy

Prohibition Against Illegal Robocalls: Terms and Conditions

The Company is required to comply with Federal law and regulations prohibiting illegal robocalls. In order to do so, we specifically prohibit the following activities:

      • continuous or extensive chat line or conference call participation,
      • use of free conference calling or similar services that Company in its sole discretion deems to participate in traffic stimulation practices or schemes that result in excessive charges;
      • use of an open telephone line as a monitoring, intercom or similar service;
      • repetitive and/or continuous messaging or calling to the same destination or number if such activity could reasonably be expected to or in fact does provoke complaints;
      • long duration calls (defined as calls to the same number in excess of four continuous or cumulative hours within a 24 hour period) and/or calls placed to specific numbers / destinations for the purpose of generating charges or fees for or with a third party;
      • use of call Services which do not consist of uninterrupted live human voice dialog by and between natural human beings;
      • restricting or inhibiting any other User or any other person from using and enjoying the Services and/or the Internet;
      • engaging in any of the foregoing activities by using the services of another provider or third party and channeling such activities through an account provided by Company, or otherwise involving the Services or any Company account in any way with or without another provider or third party for the purpose of facilitating the foregoing activities; or
      • utilizing robocalling, autodialing, predictive-dialing or other software or technologies for illegal means.  Further, users of our services will be required to timely cooperate with any investigations, including Call Trace Back investigations, into suspected illegal uses of Company services.

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