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Data Devices

No Deposit. No Credit Check. No Contract.

FlexFone plans are pay-as-you go: 30-day bundles built to fit your lifestyle.

Short Codes:

*101# - Bundle Query – Minutes/Bundle Query
*103# - Add a voucher to Recharge with a Voucher
*103* - Voucher Number # hit SEND
*105# - Purchase Additional Bundles

Terms & Conditions

Bundles may be purchased by visiting a Cellular One store, calling customer care at 800-730-2351, or by using *105# from your handset. The system will ask for a confirmation before a bundle is purchased. No credit or refunds are available. Bundles are purchased for 30 calendar days unless otherwise specified. All rates are specific to services only within the Domestic U.S. “Any Network” or “Off-Net” is a Cellular One customer in the Cellular One home coverage area to anyone who is a non-Cellular One customer, or a Cellular One customer outside the Cellular One home coverage area. Standard minute rates apply to Off-Net calls. “Roaming” charges may also apply when a Cellular One customer is not on the Cellular One Home Network and is “roaming” on another network. Data usage is charged at $.00002 per kilobyte (kb). Tethering your mobile device on an Unlimited Plan is prohibited. Other restrictions may apply; see terms and conditions of your specific prepaid service for details. All Cellular One plans are subject to Cellular One’s Fair Use Policy at * Data does not include download fees for certain features, including but not limited to, ringtones, wallpapers, apps, or games.

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 To activate please call our Customer Care team at 1-800-730-2351 or visit your local Cellular One store.