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Black Mesa Community Sport Court Donation from Cellular One

We take so much for granted at times. Water. Power. Safe roads.  But right here in the American Southwest on Navajoland these basic services are not a given.

That’s why giving back to the communities we serve is a BIG part of our DNA at SBi.  Our founder Smith Bagley launched Cellular One almost 30 years ago with a genuine commitment to bring a better quality of life through technology. 

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of technology in keeping us connected to one another.  To family and friends.  To our teachers.  To our doctors.  To our jobs.  Just like water and power, today internet is considered an essential.

With that in mind, our team continues to work tirelessly to meet the needs of the Navajo people. Our goal is to accelerate the expansion of LTE voice and mobile broadband across tribal lands. 

For 3 decades we have worked in collaboration with forward-thinking Tribal leaders, putting our expertise and our resources to work for the Navajo people. 

Together we are bringing better access to online schooling, banking, telehealth resources, work-from-home job opportunities, and much more through smart phones.


We are connecting families and friends.  We are improving public safety.  There’s no question that access to broadband technology brings with it so many advantages.

Of course, as a technology company we are constantly evolving.  Just this year we launched a new division of our company—Photon Fiber, which is dedicated to building out fiber on tribal lands. 

While all of this progress is very exciting, our commitment to improving life for those we serve does not stop at mobile phone technology. We are always looking for ways to go the extra mile—to bring joy and well-being to those who live in rural and Tribal communities that are often overlooked.

This September, Cellular One was so pleased to donate a Sport Court to the community of Black Mesa on the Navajo Nation.  We hope that the court provides youth and all community members with the opportunity to get outside, get active and enjoy a little friendly competition as well as connection.


Our plans just got better!

 To activate please call our Customer Care team at 1-800-730-2351 or visit your local Cellular One store.