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The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Is Winding Down.

The Affordable Connectivity Program stopped accepting new applications and enrollments on February 7, 2024. The last fully funded month of the program is April 2024. 

ACP was created and funded by Congress and is administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  As of this date, funding for the ACP is scheduled to run out in May 2024 unless Congress adds funds to the program.

Once ACP funds run out, we can no longer provide you with the monthly discount.  The FCC has advised us that the last fully funded month of the ACP will be April 2024.

When ACP ends, you will continue to receive service; however, depending on your Lifeline plan, the data allotment will be reduced and subject to general terms and conditions for the Lifeline plans.

If you would like additional data after ACP ends, you have the option to purchase additional data bundles. See Recharge Bundles, visit your local store, or contact 1-800-730-2351.

You can still change your service plan at the end of the ACP. If you have questions, please contact us at 1-800-730-2351.

Cellular One has chosen to extend the full ACP discount to you for the month of May, even though ACP will not be fully funded for that month. Unless Congress adds funds to the program before June 1, 2024, you will no longer receive an ACP discount on your Lifeline service after May 31, 2024.

Is your ACP benefit helpful to you and would you prefer to keep it?  If so, please contact your members of Congress!  Tell them your story and let them know you want Congress to provide funds to extend this critical program. 

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